Sandi MacPherson

👋 👋 👋 I'm a startup founder, and these are some of the things I've made

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn, and I write on Medium

quibb logo

Quibb was a social platform to share and discuss industry news. It shut down in October 2017. I started the product back in 2013, and raised a seed round to build out the product. I learned almost everything I know about startups and social products from working on Quibb, and talking to Quibb members - mostly people from the tech industry.

ddouble logo is what I'm currently working on. It stems from an experiment back in 2016, where I built a version of me (my 'digital double') that you could chat with over SMS. explores the areas of conversational UI, cybernetics, and social products, buildling products that represent the next steps toward human-machine collaboration and communication.

5050 logo
50/50 Pledge is a side project that I started to help with the issues around gender in the tech industry, from my perspective as a woman founder. The goal of the initiative is to get 50% women on stage at major tech events. Partners to-date have included The Lean Startup Conference, The Habit Summit, and the Draper Venture Network CEO Summit.
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For this podcast, Anna Marie Clifton (PM at Yammer) and myself review and discuss a book, chosen because it covers some concept that is required to be a strong product person. We discuss these topics from our perspectives as Bay Area tech professionals, sharing what we've learned in our roles at a large, established tech co and as a small VC-backed startup.